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Post Subject: The [open] Window on the SoundPosted by Paul S on: 2/20/2008
The cool thing is how Lamm figured out how to get one's attention off the window, albeit, apparently, through a fairly didactic program of "organizing", "correcting" and/or "mitigating" certain information he realized contributed to that particular distraction.  And, as you have noted, he did in a way he thought would be "profitable".  If any ideals were in play to begin with, it's ironic that subsequent descriptions of the amp would be linked to Lamm's "profit motive".  At least that's how I see/hear it.  The whole thing about control over parts through fear-mongering has a too-familiar ring, and this approach says as much about the perpetrator's perception/opinion of "the market" as it does about the obvious "free market" ideology it springs from.

In view of the above, I find it interesting that the amp work better for me at settings other than its maker intended and instructed.

I get and tie-in your mention of the high-speed Morse code training.  This is just another example of ways in which "The Soviets" were light years ahead of the vested "Amerika".  Nor has it escaped me that State Sponsored culture was not all bad, and that the general level of perception, at least on that level, was probably raised by it.  So here we have an artifact of that awareness, perhaps guided by the desire to "succeed" all along, staking a claim in the West and putting that stamp on his "products".  Very interesting.

By the way, I have absolutely no idea where/how the ML2 comes by its truly astounding, unparlleled tonal/harmonic integrity, but I am still a hopelessly addicted to this effect.  Also, as you predicted, my rather limited speakers have so far +/- "synergised"/"saved" me from the ML2's viscous lid and non-venemous "embrace", given good electricity.  With bad electricity the "process" itself is much more noticable to me.

As you have said, if there's the key to "escaping" from "Lamm's Rule" it is HIGH efficiency speakers, since the only known escape engine remains the "true" SET.

Best regards,
Paul S

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