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Post Subject: OK, I'll own it (sorry, speculators)Posted by Paul S on: 2/20/2008
Actually, Romy, I did not think you were kidding, because I get it, just as you gathered.  As you know, as I have posted, the ML2 has been the pivot point of my system for over a year now, and this is exactly because of how this facinating interaction has altered my perception of music reproduction.  Nor was the "hidden" other half - or more - of this phenomenon lost on me.  This site has provided tools and templates to understand better and share what I hear, and this sync'd well with the recent "Divergence", Shannon, etc., to ratchet my understanding up a notch.

Because Amplification does not mean the amp to me in the first place, I would never bet the farm on the amp, nor would I let my expectations center like that, at least not for long.  For me, It's The Idea.

So, perhaps I am the one who was mistaken, because I thought I felt the breeze from a collective gasp, and I jumped in to provide [comic] relief, out of ken for the "second conversation" being "followed" by others.  I'm afraid it did not occur to me that you would take that seriously; it wasn't meant for you, anyway.

Sorry, Romy, but you can be pretty freaking funny, yourself.  I have actually laughed 'til I choked, not just at your sarcasm but also at the way you can home in on something (or someone) like a giant magnifying glass, not to mention the "Romy-isms", which are often more apt than their English "counterparts", to hilarious effect. 

And I am too droll.

I hope you have gathered from my other posts that I do not place much faith in the idea of AI, either, as it relates to amps, consciousness, or morality.  AI strikes me as either the bequest or the edict of some megalo-maniac who thinks himself "good with numbers", and so seems to me more like Republican Lamm than the "scientific alternative" he probably thinks he is.  I suspect this is one reason why I have trouble with "digital", because it seems somehow more mechanical than the machine itself, let alone the guy who made the machine.  Basically, I hear the Big Voice, I look behind the curtain.

But, I am prattling.

Best regards,
Paul S

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