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Post Subject: None of my business, butPosted by Paul S on: 2/13/2008
Alex, I am guessing that with the listed "compliance" of the 901 you could use an I-beam as your tonearm.  You could probably start by taping a small adhesive-type tire weight, ~10g, to the SME headshell and maybe add corresponding weight to the counterweight, and go from there, DEPENDING ON YOUR PARTICULAR TT/ARM SET-UP.  If a heavy/clunky rig to begin with, then likely it's OK with the extra weight.  Likewise with most of the old SMEs arms I know of, but not all of them.  Mass-wise, it should "work", though.  Bearing and/or suspension-wise, YMMV, and likewise tracking, etc.  I happen to like damping, too, if your SME has it; but maybe you like things more "lively".  You probably know that some suspended TT/arm rigs need internal compensation to balance any extra weight added to one corner.

Anyway, it's a lot like asking about platter/disc weights and clamps; it really is hard to call without "ALL" the info., if you get what I mean.

What is the stock input impedance for your step-ups?  That might work for you, at least as a start, then add matched Vishay S102s to taste.

Good luck.

Best regards,
Paul S

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