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Post Subject: A legend about the Berkeley DAC being a baby Pacific?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/6/2008

 Telstar wrote:
. Considering their pedigree alone, it's worth a listening.

Telstar, yes, you might be right. I do not know those peoples personally but I have opened my Pacific to serve the cooling fan and have seen HOW the unit was made. It is a quite astonishing how well, respectfully and I would say expensive the Pacific is done inside. Also, in a way unprecedented in history audio story how they stopped to produce those processors also encroaches respect.





However, being cynical jerk I know that there was no one known to me company who introduced any more or less worthy “follow up” product. Would the Berkeley’s new DAC be a mediocre quality “nothing special” that would juts cash out the team formers publicity? Would the Berkeley’s new DAC be an objectionable implementation that would utilize the newest components base? At this point no one knows as it was not know what was the objectives of the people who made the Berkeley’s new DAC.

I have heard 2 positive comments from a people who used the Berkeley Alfa DAC. One of them is in sales and obviously off any credentials. Another person is just a user who used reportedly the DAC at CES (prototype version), however I know that guy (Magico owner, Alon the Wolf ) and I know that he is a despiteful, shilling whore who enthusiastically would run his mouth about any subject.  So, there is a lot of unknowns…

Rgs, the Cat

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