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Post Subject: An addition to 2008 “to do” list.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/6/2008

 Romy the Cat wrote:
In the 2008 I have a few immediate goals:

1)    Finalize the 6-chennals version of Super Melquiades and integrate it with Macondo

2)    Finalize the “End of Life" Phonostage:

3)    Revise my preamp and rewire my playback with more preamps inputs

4)    Dima and I “invented” a very interning concept how to adopt the invented by Dima Zarathustra’s “Newton Bias” to deal with electricity problem. It is in a way a revolutionary approach and I very much look forward to try it in 2008.

5)    I really would like the APS Purepower people in 2008 talk led out of their liturgic and lazy asses and to fix my damn regenerators. I still feel that if then Purepower unit will be done properly and will not be just faulty-made then it might be a very useful mashie to fight with electricity.

It is interesting that I completely lost interest to anything that is going on out there in audio. People produce some kind of products out there, exercise some kind of ideas and push some kind of objectives. I do look what they do but it picks juts my purely observatory interest and I do not feel any interest to be engaged. I generally have no interest to try their new products/idea or co-experience their new discoveries. I do not know why it is so. Perhaps that over the years I have seen quite a lot of it and know the typical dissatisfactory level audio is uselessly is implemented out there? I admit that I am cynical toward to other audio people, but it is what it is.

Anyhow, I would like to add some addition to my “to do” list for 2008.

6) To finish and to test “alternative” Sansui TX-1U

7) Review Bidat’s PS

8) Try my new experimental AHFS in context of my RAAL “Water Drop”

9) Re-parallel the drivers in my woofers tower and to drive them with 1.1R, 25W, .5A, 7Hz, amorphous OPT.

The task # 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are the immediate and perusable tasks. The task #5 is out of my hands – I have return the faulty board to APS – I have no idea what they do, I think they have also no idea what they do.

The tasks # 7, 8, and 9 are more like strategic task and I would do them “sometimes in futures” and I have general interest in subject but no immediate stimulations to do. They are kind of research subjects that have no guaranteed results.

With the rest of it I would like to get my playback back (after 3 month distraction by 6-ch Melquiades) and to stop “fucking with audio” – it was too long and this think began to get in my nerves.

Rgs, the Cat

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