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Post Subject: Arrived at lastPosted by JANDL100 on: 2/6/2008
 JANDL100 wrote:
 Romy the Cat wrote:
 JANDL100 wrote:
Yes, please - I would very much like copies of Nanut conducting Mahler 7 8 9 & 10 - that would be wonderful!   (I will put together some more, interesting CDRs for you too!).

I forgot to ask. I have sent to you quit a while back a pile of CD, including the Nanut’s late Mahler symphony. Did you have a chance to get/listen them?

The caT

Hi Romy - No, they have not arrived yet.   International post can be slow at the moment - I sent some CDs to Australia - they took 6 weeks to arrive!

Hi Romy - they've arrived at last!   Many thanks - some real eye-openers there.  I'd never heard Tossa Spivkovsky before - her Sibelius VC is tremendous.   The Barbirolli / VPO Brahms 4 is waaaay too slow for me though - I just cannot get into the music when it's played that way.   I do like some "slow" classics though - I love the way Celibidace slows a lot of music down - I heard a Celi concert of the Brahms Requiem live in London's Royal Festival Hall about 25 years ago that took about 85 minutes !! - absolutely mind-blowing, just unbelievably wonderful - sorry, but Barbi is not in that class, imo.

The Chung Saint-Saens sym 3 is excellent.  And the Messiaen L'Ascension on the same disc is really beautiful - I've found Messiaen a little difficult to get to grips with up til now - this may help a lot.  Fantastic music.

The Nanut Mahler I have had a brief listen to so far - hmmm ... the sound is a bit unpleasant, kind of harsh and forward, far from ideal in Mahler -  I'm going to have to play with some equalisation here, I think.

So, many thanks Romy!

By the way - have you had a chance to listen yet to the Shostakovich Piano Quintet played by the Trio di Torino that I sent.  Must admit that I think it is very special!

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