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Post Subject: Some Mozart's latest Piano ConcertosPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2008

The Mozart's latest Piano Concertos are cool and everlasting thing; it is interesting that with all Mozart's Piano Concertos simplicity the capable pianists could really play them well only in the end of their carries.  The Mozart's concertos after 1784-85 are particularly wonderful. Here are some recordings from my top of my shelfs that have “selected recording”.

PC #19:  Schnabel with Barbirolli only, Perahia

PC #20:   Michelangeli , Argerich,  Brendel, Rubinstein, Yudina, Fischer,  Gulda with Abbado,  Lubin

PC #21:  Lippati, Fischer, Gulda with Abbado, Casadesus

PC #22:  Perahia, Fischer,

PC #23:  Fischer, Horowitz, Bashkirov, Casadesus with Mitropoulos

PC #24:  Brendel, Perahia, Rubinstein with Krips, Solomon, Richter

PC #25:  Moravec, Fischer, Argerich, Kovacevich, Gieseking

PC #27:  Serkin, Gilels, Horszowski

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