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Post Subject: Mozart, Piano Concerto in C maj., Alfred Brendel, Vox PL12.110, 1963Posted by Paul S on: 2/1/2008
Paul Angerer conducting the [Vienna] Pro Musica Orchestra

It's been a long time since I enjoyed Mozart this much (apart from CFT, of course...).  Specifically, it has been since Geza Anda "conducted" as soloist the subsequently-ubiquitous "Theme" for the fuzzy "film" Elvira Madigan and DGG took full advantage of the opportunity to unleash upon an unsuspecting public...  I really don't want to re-hash it.  Suffice it to say it's been exactly that long.

Where have I been that I am just now remarking on Brendel?  Good question.  But as much as I enjoyed his playing here it is the whole of it that surprised and delighted me in his case, including the right-nice mono recording.  About the only knock on Brendel is that his stops are STOPS, and you WILL hear it when he lets go of the pedal.  Fortunately this does not carry over to his phrasing, however, and he has excellent control and a very sophisticated touch in this regard.  I especially enjoy that Brendel is able here to convey plenty of "mood" to get lost in without resorting to gimmicks, as there is already plenty enough Mozart that seems to be "about" the trills, tremellos, grace notes and glissandos.  Well, not here.

Should we wonder that a Viennese orchestra would get the great tone for Mozart?  I sometimes wonder if they and the Czechs actually use different instruments, or something, so much different (and better...) do they sound [at their best].

Also on this LP is the Rondo in D maj, K.382.  If you are lucky, perhaps you have heard this as an encore piece.  It is fine, but it is not quite up to the "feature" in either playing or recording quality.

If I remember correctly, I was given this record by the store owner when I bought some other classical LPs.

Best regards,
Paul S

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