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Post Subject: The SHM-CD vs. CD: how objective it might be?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2008

 Maarten wrote:
I will compare them, and I will also rip both the normal CD's and the SHM ones, to see if they are identical at the bit level.


I am afraid that bit level comparing would be absolutely worthless exercise, similar to the blind testing what I generally do not support. If you look for “more objective then objective” assessment of the SHM then you might try to run 3D spectrum view and loudness distribution from the SHM and from the regular CD, presumably that they uses the same masters (that we have no evidence).

If you read my sites then you know that I am against the “reviewing” as a concept, anyhow here is for you a food for thoughts…  The new SHM disks are different type of plastic and there is a very high possibility that you specific CD transport would have favoritism toward the SHM or to CD.  My CD transport (TL0) does have reference to one material does over other and this preference is different than with other transports I had tried. 

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