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Post Subject: Phenolic diaphragms, Debussy and OrmandyPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2008

I never had that Selenium 405 driver. Generally the phenolic diaphragms are very tricky and might have some excessive softness and some luck of transients. Selenium also had a habit to load gap with ferrofluid – it also might slightly detransientize the driver. BTW, removing the ferrofluid is a big no-no as it completely changes the damping of the driver. Still, if the Selenium do NOT use ceramic magnet then it might be an interesting to try. Purely speculatively I think it might be a suitable driver to play Debussy’s “La Mer” performed by Philadelphia Orchestra, lead by Eugene Ormandy… :-)

BTW, here is another lead:

it is a pro version of 2440, it is not better driver but juts more hipped and more expensive. It will be very different then BMS drivers and foam... :-)

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