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Post Subject: The electricians might kill any good intentions.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2008

 yoshi wrote:
One guy reports the comparison between SHM-CD and CD version of Klieber's Beethoven 5th and says what they did is just to increase the volume level so that it feels like you hear more details, but because of that, the orchestral tutti became to suffer from compression.

Thanks, Yoshi, it was very predictable, I really hate when they do it. As I also say any technology in the hands of barbarian produce a barbarian result and the problems with audio are in 99% are the problems with people not with the machineries.  So, if the SHM-CD is a more superior media then we still have no ways to found it out the truth as some Moron in studio with his diploma and electrician, taste of Neanderthal and brain of pterodactyl decided to do “mastering” for the SHM-CD release. Their idiotic desire for stressing loudness is well know:

In the end we might do not know if the SHM-CD has any true advancement. I have to admit that some CD toys  coming from Japan are very good (The NESPA Optical Finalizer was very good tool, I keep unit it) but who can say anything about technology if there is a moronic proxy-mind of an idiot sound-electrician between good intentions of designers and us, the listeners

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