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Post Subject: The “Melquíades” début.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/13/2005

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It was after midnight and I returned from my urban Saturday supper.  A pair of the recently born “Melquíadeses” was sitting in the mid of the room, glowing and asking: so what? A sudden necessity of  a radical audio sadism attacked me and I said to the teasing amplifier: “Ok, suckers, you whanna action I will give you the actions and since you began to behave you better to able to handle the actions?”

I decided to put them in the real game. I placed one single Macondo’ channel surrounded by two LF towers. I powered the horns with Lamms ML2 and a pair of Woofer Towers (8X25W/8565-00 sealed drivers) I powered with a pair of “Melquíadeses”. It took a half of hours to crossover everything and equalized the volumes. I desisted to play it loud, I love loud, practically if systems can play loud, loud and good at the same time. Most of the audio systems juts can’t and as soon music jumps at the high DB scale the Sound get disintegrate. The “Macondo” can play insultingly loud, loud with no indication of brutality or vulgarity (here is when the RT-60 channels turn out to be very handy). The room can hold a loud play very well as well. Now, the question is how the “Melquíadeses” will handle it.

I ran 0.5mV cartridge with 26dB gain of transformer and 55dB of phonocorrector right into the power amps (one channels) with no attenuation at LF channel. (The composite sensitivity ~ 98-99dB) I did not measured the “Melquíadeses” gain yet but I anticipate that it is around the 22 dB -23dB in my current operational settings. So, it was kind of loud…

I played the Italian pressing of the Tchaikovsky’s Third movement of his 4th symphony from 1961, the Ivan Moravec playing Beethoven’s Pathétique in 60s, Janos Starker performing Kodaly sonata #8 in 1956 on Period, Claudio Abbado trying to play Mahler 6th with Chicago, Kirkpatrick playing Bach’s WTC in 1966 (you can’t reproduce harpsichord properly if you do not go ALL the way down!)… bunch of other jewels of great music with an important LF content…  The room responded very well with very thick LF. You know this feeling when LF become to have a tangible density in the room but still has no sensible chest pressure and still is virtually unheard sonically? You know this feeling when the pressure of sound is raises in the room but the atmospheric pressure of LF waves still is not detectable? What it was!

The  “Melquíadeses” did surprisingly OK. Probably the quote from  “Master and Margarita” would describe it correctly: “This whisde Margarita did not hear, but she saw it in the moment when she, together with her fiery steed, was  thrown some twenty yards away.  An oak tree beside her was torn up by the roots, and  the ground was covered with cracks all the way to the river. A huge slab of the bank, together with the pier and the restaurant, sagged into the river.  The water boiled, shot up, and the entire excursion boat with its perfectly unharmed passengers was washed on to the low bank opposite. A jackdaw, killed by Fagott's whistle, was flung at the feet of Margarita's snorting steed.”

Still something suggests me that I would add 40-60Voilts to the plate voltage of the output stage… hate myself for thinking this way… but it was a post in the Audio Forum. I probably should stop to suffer form all this craziness and go back to the Musical Forum?


Anyhow, It looks like “Melquíades” is not virgin anymore and it keep proving that it might handle the job.

The Cat

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