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Post Subject: About Likhnitsky's BS and Air-nized 834PT.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/10/2005

Forget about the vibration! Those vibrations are representing jus one aspect of the problem. There are many others as important aspect, and to fight/name the only proposed vibration course is as necessary as to expose a lend worm to a psychological treatment with presumption that it might profuse a more fruitful fishing.

You have to understand that Likhnitsky loves to create an artificial army of windmills and then to “heroically” fight with them. The problem with all of his “imagination” that he crates the virtual army of windmills with a very restricted complexity and accuracy. This complexity of his is something that exactly matches the amount of the efforts that Likhnitsky is capable to allocate for the defeating of the “new noble enemy” and therefore I find that all boring, highly predicable and most of the time - worthless…

BTW, when you bult your air-nized 834PT then do the following: Use in the feedback regular mica or polystyrene (they both dirt cheap and both are very-very good) caps. Then, when you get the reference point what your corrector might do put just one air cap, listen it and then change another. You will learn a very interesting phenomenon: by changing the cap responsible for HF roll-off you will not affect HF … but it will fundamentally change bass. The same will happen with the cap responsible for LF slope – it will not affect LF but it will hugely affect HF. Your will have many more observations, I will not name them at this point (the thread is about the RX filtering) but when you finish the project I hope you share the observations with others…


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