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Post Subject: The Art of Pablo Casals, RCA Victor LM-2699, 1964Posted by Paul S on: 1/26/2008

This record survived my college days, but I thought I'd lost it along the way.  How nice to find it and hear it again, after so many years.

The tracks from this LP were dubbed from recordings made in 1926, 7 & 8, presumably originally directly cut to lacquer.  I have no idea how they were re-done, but against all odds plenty enough remains to thoroughly enjoy these teasured performances.

These are all "parlor" pieces, mostly transcriptions, that Casals and accompaniest Nicolai Mednikoff render in an altogether charming, neo-Romantic style, with a slight, tasteful tinge of eastern Europe.

The piano is about perfect, with a wonderfully vibrant sounding board, and, my God, can Casals make his cello sing!

I have never heard direct playback of original recordings like these well rendered, but I certainly envy anyone who possesses the capability to do it in his home.

Best regards,
Paul S

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