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Post Subject: Translation of what they sayPosted by yoshi on: 1/21/2008
There isn't much in Japanese page either.  I checked some other sites including Universal's own, but all what they say are;

Material Characteristics
-Uses a different polycarbonate plastic which has improved transparency and superior optical characteristics.
-Superior fraction characteristics especially toward the circumference direction.  Higher flow acharacter and higher transfer character makes it ideal as disc material.

Sound Character
-More transparent and less distorted sound compared to conventional CD
-The improved resolution realizes better balance
-The insufficient low end volume of conventional CD is dissolved

Above is the direct translation of what they say, so don't ask me what they mean!

I couldn't find any reaction from people who heard it.

Universal Japan and N-and-F also made glass CD (sorry, both links are in Japanese).  Universal's Karajan is priced 200,000 yen (almost $2000) and N-and-F CDs are priced 98700 yen (nearly $1000).

About 10 years ago, Pony Canyon released Arton CD.  Arton is a kind of plastic which supposed to have a superior optical characteristics than the polycarbonate used in conventional CD and they claimed almost exactly the same thing Universal claims for their SHM-CD.  I must have one Arton CD (Dvorak) somewhere. 


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