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Post Subject: Japanese Super High Material CDPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/20/2008

Crushing some Japanese CD shops I came across an interesting new thing: the SHM-CD format. As I understand the SHM-CD is JVC development based on a manufacturing process of LCD displays. SHM-CD uses polycarbonate plastic that improves characteristic of disc’s surface, which presumably improves audio quality.  Allegedly the SHM-CDs are readable at regular CD player.

I never dealt with it or heard the SHM-CD but it looks like Universal re-release some of Crème de la Crème of their catalog in SHM-CD formats. All further explanations that I have seen are in Japanese. Japanese folks, please can you shade more light about SHM-CD?

Did anybody actually heard the thing and can testify about the sound quality of the thing compare to regular CD? I would be specifically interesting with people who use CEC TL-0 transport.

The Cat

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