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Post Subject: The Electrocube 950 seriesPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/18/2008

 Paul S wrote:
Romy, I did do a fair amount of fishing trying to find a "consumer" source for a matched pair of ElectroCube 950Ds. These puppies may not be expensive but they are "exotic" in their own way because hard to source for average chumps with little use for large-ish quantities of them.  Sometimes I opt to piss money rather than time.
The Electrocube caps, and I trued most of them typically are crap but not the 950 series. Even the 945 series sound very poor. The 950 is totally other ball game.

The 950 Cubes are no exotic. They are very available from Electrocube with $500 minimum order. If you try to fish them one by one then you have problems as need to look when retailers have left over from a large party.

Whoever would like to try the Cubes here is a rare opportunity:

Phone: 800-605-2323 
Fax: 800-605-3836

As now they have 90 paces of 950B1E205M that is 2uF 400V caps, $7.49 each. I like them quite a lot and I feel that they are at the level of RTX polystyrene, with slightly better upperbass, with slightly less aggressive transients and slightly more evenly balanced all-together. The Electrocube 950 is my preferred cap in Melquiades and pretty much everyone where need plastic caps, though in my phonocorrectors I use RTX.

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