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Post Subject: The new Milq’s start up sequence.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/14/2008

Yes, Be, thanks. I  have revised the Milq’s start up sequence.

With the new scenario when the amp shuts down the B+ will be sitting in the power caps. It does not hurts the tube as they are cold-closed and do not care about anode voltage.  When the amp is turning on then I has 60 seconds for filaments to warm up. It is bad as the bias is not there and in 60 seconds what the bias will arrive is insufficient bias to completely close the tube at full B+ saved in the caps (It will not be full of cause). At that time the cathode begin to heat up and the voltage on anode is too high for a given bias.  So, I will be at the same time when I begin to heat filament to shunt anode to a power resistor and at the time when the bias applied I will stop discarding the power caps. I have additional 30 seconds to continue warming up filaments and stabilizing bias until the B+ applied. At that time the power supple caps will be totally discharged and disconnected from the bleeders.

I have no idea if it is “better” solution but it sounds logical to me.  I most likely will go for it.

The caT

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