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Post Subject: There is a thing about the TAD drivers….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/12/2008

I do not have lot of experience with TAD cone drivers but there is a thing bout then that always afraid.

A few years ago I was at demonstration of Model-1, the TAD’s $50,000 flagman model and it had very strange feeling – the speakers sounded surprisingly pleasant but at a certain dynamic level everything stopped. It was some kind of threshold compression and further then that abstract “dead point” nothing was able to move: dynamic, tone … everything was literally stopped there.

I still have no ides what it was – perhaps it was not the TAD drivers, but I never seen this effect so strong in any other speaker. I spoke with the designer and learned that the Model-1 did not use standard drivers but custom made by TAD drivers. When I sled him about the “threshold compression” he began to express doubts that I am in a sane mind as he thought that that sound he was presented is flawless. I left him alone as I generally avoid people who have no capacity of critical thinking about sound or can not effort the critical thinking.

The negatives outflow was that I still do not know what it was in case of the TAD’s demonstration. Was it the crossover, the divers or the electronics that introduced the “threshold” – it is unknown to me. Still, if I touch the TAD cone drivers I would test them for the presence of the “brickwall effect”

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