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Post Subject: TAD 1201Posted by malinowski on: 1/12/2008
Hi Greg,


Search the site and you'll find that Ulf has created a upper bass horn using the aforementioned TAD 1201's.
I also own a pair still in boxes waiting for the weather to warm up enough for me to start some enclosures and horns for.

My original intent was to build a direct radiator setup as follows:

ScanSpeak 25W/8565  - lower bass - sealed enclosure.
TAD TL-1102 bass.. sealed enclosure
TAD TM-1201 upper bass- mid sealed
supravox 165 2000 upper mid
raal 70-10 highs

i'd active crossover with  2 behringer ultradrives and a handful of cheap t-amps until i could build something more akin to the super-malq

however that started to seem like a lot of money and work for a "temporary" rig.

Now leaning towards following Ulf's example.
Horn load the TM-1201 and put a pair of JBL 2441's or something like that over them for a start.. wouldn't be too expensive..
listen until these are integrated properly and then add the lower and upper drivers.. an array of 25W/8565 below, a 1" cD and horn and Raal tweeter above... something like that.

Anyhow those are some ideas.

Also I would second Romy's suggestion to contact Duke LeJeune I have purchased from him in the past and he is one of the few persons I find interesting and trust.
He was able to send me some of his own measurements for some drivers which was helpful.. he's also not a fan of compressed sound so...

Good luck.

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