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Post Subject: Configuration versus partsPosted by Paul S on: 1/11/2008
That sure looks like an interesting configuration for a change , all right, but are those "ceramic" drivers, or what? Does anyone know?

What's with all the "space age" materials these days?  I mean, are people actually listening or do they just "specify" and then build and then use the stuff based on "computer modeling" and "engineering briefs"?

After those unholy (and now ubiquitous!) Be tweeters you'd think they'd learn a lesson and give it a rest.

I heard some big Dunlavys years back that were actually promising, among the few comercial speakers of interest, IMO, at least at the time (along with the big Avalons, and maybe a couple more).  Not cheap, but some shoppers have more money than time but nothing worthy to buy.

It almost seems like real sonic acceptability on the commercial front is pretty much accidental, and then "designers" tend to drift away from their sonically interesting "products" and move on to bad-sounding "improved" stuff.

Tip to Shoppers:  When you run across something good that is offered comercially, don't wait for the next "upgrade", and don't wait to chisel the price if you don't have to; just jump on it because it might not come up again for a long time.

Otherwise, your fate is DIY...

Best regards,
Paul S

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