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Post Subject: The commercial music servers.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/10/2008

It is shame that in 21 century we have such mediocre, not to say moronic, park of music servers.

Whoever does music servers t know stat a file server with uncompress 24-bit files is a phenomenal source of music. So, why we have not a lot of well-performing and the most important - convenient in operation music servers?  This really is beyond my understanding.

There are professional DAWs  - the digital audio workstations -but there are hardly good, hardly convenient and for whatever reason they are ridiculously expansive -$30K-$50K. They are so expensive because they are sold 100 machines per year – who the hell need them!  In the today world to make a completely silent box that will play 16-24bit at 44-88kHz, row files and CD/DVD is not so complicated. The unit must have a comfortable touch-screen 8-10” display, good software to support it’s functionally and to be fully remote control operational or to have the touch-screen to work over air. In the today wold such a machine should cost no more $1000 and should be easily available (without AD/DA aboard)

At the CES 2008 Boulder showed their new music server with a price tag of $24,000. Are they out of their mind, partially considering that this DACS are always were garbage? If a music server has no AD and DA aboard then it should cost not more $1K, and perhaps slightly more it is has 4G-8G hard-drive space.  How the hell they come with One Lamma price sticker?


Anyhow, where are those cheap and convenient in use music servers? Where are those Theata, Audio Research , Madrigal, CEC, Marantz, Cary, Musical Fidelity , BAT, Mark Levinson , Burmester, Wadia, Sonic Frontiers , Vecteur, Mcintosh, Audiomeca, Krell, Classe, Aeyre, Esoteric, California Lab, Weiss, Denoan, Counterpoint, MBL and the rest of “important” hi-fi front-end manufacturers? I think we need to wait until some Chinese do it for us….

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