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Post Subject: Amplification and Consciousness.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/7/2008

The subject of Amplification and Sound better or worse is covered by audio people. The audio people are generally not very bright in term of Sound. If they are bright then they mostly intellectually blind, if they not blind then they deaf, if not deaf then they are not demanding enough in term of Sound and if they are sonically demanding enough then they are … not to bright.

So, the Sound and Amplifiers is what audio people, mistakenly or not, deal with, or trying to convince themselves that they do.  However, the subject of Consciousness and Amplifiers is absolutely out of attention and understanding of majority of audio hoodlums. Let do not make a cheap joke clamming hat most of Audio people have no Audio Consciousness. It is not a joke, it is fact and I will not mock this say fact. Still, among the 0.000000001% of all people who do audio and who do accidently have a listening consciousness AND at the same time do have and interest in subjects of “Abstract Audio” there is “thinking”. That “thinking” is about amplification as a tool that does not deal with Sound but rather deal with direct shaping of perceptional ability.

To me the subject of amplification and consciousness is not a subject of challenge but rather a subject of daily routine, although do need to remind it to myself frequently. The consciousness inflictions in audio were always my favorite subject and frankly speaking it is the only interesting subject in theoretical audio, besides the practicing.   Still, I do admit that to view the relationship between electronic audio methods and consciousness is the most complicated among all relationships on audio. Electronics conducts Transformation of Reality and mind should distinct between contamination of original Realty and discrepancies of Reinstated Realty as well as to be able to differentiate the discrepancies of Realty from the discrepancies of the Realty transformation’s exchange mechanism.

The most complex in all of it is the purposeful structuring of the Reality Transformation (amplification) with intend to impact NOT the Sound of amplification but the Consciousness Impact of the Reinstated Reality. I do not claim that I own any know-how in this direction. I do have some very raw and none-expressed ideas in loudspeakers but I have no serious familiarity with the subject in Amplification and Consciousness.

I created this thread as a placeholder for my flowing posts. I do have some row ideas about the Amplification and Consciousness and as time goes by I will share some of them in here….

Rgs, Romy the caT

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