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Post Subject: The TAD 1201 drivers can take you on a roadPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/3/2008
 homebuilder wrote: EQ will be a part of this project, along with in room measurement. My friend will do the honors on that. I have not purchased an EQ yet.

You might eventually revise your view about the active EQ and presumably crossovering. If you go for an active system (will have) then you do have 4 amps and therefore I see no needs for active EQ. The necessary for you EQ and crossovering might be done passively at line level. You might buy or borrow an active unit, perhaps digital unit to plat with it but after you defend the necessary slopes and cut offs than you can replace the active unit with fixe line-level filter for each power amplifier. With EQ is the same but it all depending: for what you will be using your EQ. I hope you will not correct with it your room problems… If you need EQ to push a little the edge of one of other channel then it is fine (as lond as the filter was not closed in this channel) and you might do it very easily at line level.

 homebuilder wrote:
.… On your idea of horn loading the TAD:  how critical is the shape of the horn? I've seen billions of ideas, but don't know where to start.  If we horn loaded the 1201, would we not also need to do the same with the bass driver?  Or would your 25-30 (cf?) do the trick?  I assume that is ported? 

Well, I personally do not accept any ported enclosures, but it is me. The horn for 1201? I really do not know. I never saw or heard this driver. It would be too brutal to advise you to experiment with it yourself. Try to found some your local guys where you would be able to listen some upperbass horns and to try your drivers in some kind of horns. In your part of the country you might have difficulties to find anyone horns-civilized. You are from Iowa if I am not mistaken. Indians should be somewhere near you, one state over. Try getting in touch with John Hasquin, he was semi-retired few years back unit his wife finish her school be you might wake him up. Right across Missouri will be Tennessee. In there, in Memphis there is Jeffrey Jackson. I did not see or hear his speakers but he had popped up a few time at this forum and in conversation about horns he sounded surprisingly inelegant. I said surprisingly because you might discover that many people who talk about horns should not be doing it. So, perhaps Jeffrey or John deal with those drivers and they might inspire your to look into a horn direction or might introduce you with their local customers where you might get familiar with upperbass horn opportunities. To design the final horn for that driver is very-very simple task but you would need some kind of prototype horn to learn about the Sound of this diver horn-loaded.

 homebuilder wrote:
Do you have any experience with drivers of this type in OB configuration?  What is to be expected?
Nope, I have very limited building experience with non-horn speakers. I comment only upon the things that I personally did and was able to obverse the success/failure patterns. Although many drivers that I have used sounded fine in OB configuration but I never use OB in context of complete system. So, I truly have no experience with it.  There is a guy out there: Duke LeJeune. He runs a sweetshop somewhere between you and the west coast; I think it call Audio Kinesis. He being a dealer compromises himself by socializing with many audio idiots but all together I found him being a positive character. He knows what he needs to know in his business and he is TAD dealer or respective - I do not remember already. Anyhow, he does know TAD line very well, including some uncommon drivers and he might used or know somebody who use your drivers.

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