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Post Subject: It was not just Cogent/Electronluv problems but ….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/3/2008

… it is a sad reality of any professional demonstration.

 Nick wrote:
…The highs literally hurt my ears.  I had to leave the room… 

I do not know – I was not there but I do see very well how what you complain about as something very explainable and very predictable.

Any professional demonstration that is made with objective to impress and incentive a listener stresses nothing more than listener’s frustrations. In those installations Sound is a tradable commodity that is presented against intellectual or mental disturbance of a listener perception. Any marketing person knows that the frustrations of a shopper are the primary itches that that a product (Sound) shells address. So,… what else did you expect from Cogent of all that they were trying to do is to impress the idiots who when to that show?

Cogent have their own drivers that very much HF challenged (ironically during all of the former “successful demonstrations” no one stressed it). So, the Cogent/Electronluv bright the ambition plasma tweeter into the game. Leaving aside the fundamentals impossibility of proper integration of the tweeters into the given Cogent/Electronluv architecture they piled up the poor tweeter wherever it would looks “sexy for pictures” and then they just went to the trade show… to demo what they got… So, how a company that has a questionably performing HF solution should impress those mostly Moronic audiences with the fact that they have a new tweeter in their system. Yes you are right - they should make the tweeter very auditable – thanks God to do it with a time-misaligned tweeter is very easy.

So, I would not blame the Cogent/Electronluv system for bad HF. The bad demonstration result was intricacy built into event by the fact that the playback was demonstrated (beside all architectural issuers with tweeters) and by the fact that the playback did not depict “sonic consciousness” but rather w trying to become a “product”. A “product” by its very nature is a conciliatory action that address just a marketable demands/frustration and NOTHING else. So, I would not be too judgmental to the fact that Cogent/Electronluv highs literally hurt your ears. That is all is a part of the playbook and if you heard the numerous extremely glorious reports from many AA-level fools about the   Cogent/Electronluv Sound then you would realize that the well-oiled machine of audio idiocy is keep spinning in a right direction… Never forget that “products” are made only to fulfill the “consumer frustrations” – no other reasons. What you hear at that demo was the very exact presentation of primitive sonic level of those frustrations…

The real Sound never try to become a product… but it is a whole other subject…

Rgs, Romy the caT

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