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Post Subject: My biggest event in 2007Posted by yoshi on: 1/2/2008
The biggest event in my audio 2007 was Romy's visit/tuning of my system, and the following exchange which ended up with a revelation of how shallow my understanding and practice of audio/music was.  It ultimately seems to come down to the ability of evaluating the result and the understanding/practice of what you can do about it.

Although "the more rational, sane and the most important natural and truly self-educational events of listening awareness" doesn't seem to build up immediately (I'm doubtful of everything in audio than ever!), I somehow seem to be enjoying the current state of lost-ness.

Toward the end of the year, I replaced my woofer from JBL2220 to 4 x LE-8T.  The result seems to be very encouraging, but didn't have much time to really evaluate it (I had to spend more than 7 weeks in Tokyo out of 12 from October to December).  Also my RTA got screwed up when I replaced the sound card of my laptop!

In 2008, I hope to solve my woofer problem and wish to encounter interesting performances live or recordings.

Best wishes for 2008 to everybody!


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