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Post Subject: 2007: A Very Good Year (for my audio,anyway...)Posted by Paul S on: 1/1/2008

It has been 1 year since I started working with the ML2s with all new tubes installed.  The ML2s have been, by far, the biggest step I have taken in hi-fi in 45 years, and the "upgrades" I have done since the ML2s have necessarily been in areas "illuminated" by the ML2s.  I have been lucky to find and integrate the maxed/modded K&K phono stage, a Bent Tap TVC pre-amp (no AC!), an Accustic Arts Drive 1 CD transport, a maxed/modded Museatex iDAT-44+ DAC (adapted for battery power; no AC!), and the Belkin Synopsis digital cable (important!).  I also found and integrated more-efficient Audaphon JP2.0 "naked" ribbons into my DEBZs.

All of this "stuff" has eventually resulted in a lot of great music in my home, including a return to regular classical music, which I had pretty much written off as a casualty of a system I had "optimized" for jazz prior to the integration of the ML2s. 

Upside of changes?  Everything is better, when the electricity permits.  Because of battery power CD is at its best more often than LPs, although the best from LPs is still the best I have.

Downside?  As ever, I generally only really "submerge" in music from my system when it's at its best, and now the difference between "good" and bad is more pronounced than ever.  Also, I have to "work harder" to get the best from LPs/the K&K, since it so obviously (and richly) rewards optimal VTA; again, when the electricity is good.

I closed out the year messing with all solid silver IC; "interesting", and some definite positives; but no conclusions yet.

Still waiting for a chance to hear the new Ortofon "PW" phono cartridge.

FM would be nice, but San Diego programming offers preciouis little reason to do it.

I still harbor faint hopes for some sort of answer to the eff-ing electricity, and I have been staying alert for possible solutions.  I think I want nicely formed electricity plus inter-component and neutral/ground isolation, but I would accept a tinfoil hat if that got the desired results.  We mostly act like bad electricity is merely a nuisance, but it has become for me pretty much the main sticking point for my system, about the only real sonic thorn in my side right now.

Here's wishing you all the best for 2008!

Happy New Year,
Paul S

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