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Post Subject: Summary: my audio, year 2007Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/31/2007

It was an audio eventful year and I have experimented and discovered many fascinating things. Here is a brief summary of the 2007 audio-events and a short look what my audio happening will might take please in 2008.

1)    In the very begging of 2007 the idea of employing a ribbon tweeter for Macondo:

got finally realized in a custom solution from RAAL – the  109dB sensitive “Water Drop” tweeter:

Then there were 2 major revisions of the “Water Drop” solution: one that I am not at a liberty to divulge and another was an introduction of dedicated amp for the tweeter driving it with a single 175:1 transformer directly from the plate. The project generally turns out to be a success and the Macondo was finalized with objective to use this 21cm ribbon HF transducer. I still have in my head one area what I would like to improve the “Water Drop”, I might got for it in 2008

2)    There was very major advancement of my Macondo Acoustic System that started innocently with “How to USE “Resonating Oops” in loudspeakers”:

and ended up with invention of “Oops mimicking” Injection Channel:

The concept is superbly powerful so powerful that I am even revising some of my view about the tonal quietly of some vintage drivers. The Injection Channel was a huge move in Macondo, lead to creation of own dedicated full range amp in 6-chennals version of Super Melquiades. The concept, the implantation and the result turned out to be a very substantial success. I am not planning to change anything in the way how I use the Injection Channel, this if I design Macondo Acoustic System from scratch now then I would use the Injection Channel slightly differently.

3)    The 6-chennals version of Super Melquiades was another big event

that started form the idea to use one-stage Melquiades:

The prose of conversion of Super Melquiades into 6-ways DSET had been going on for 6 month and I estimate that it will have another month or two. The result is very interning so far and I will be talking about the final observations… when I will have them

4)    In the 2007, like during the former year I was searching for cure of the electricity problems:

The 2007 brought new solution but no satisfactory results. My fight with bad electricity so far has a lot of blood but no stimulation consequences.

5)    I revised my digital recording capacity. Experimented with other ways to use my Lavry 924 DAC, introduced Pacific Microsonics processor, introduced reel-to-reel machine (Stellavox SU8) and made a number of accommodation to be able to read tapes properly. I am still not finalized my DAW playback and I will look into it further in 2008.

That basically was it among the major revisions of my audio. My listening habits and some of my audio view become more and more radical and moved deeper into the realm of the purer abstract audio:

I am planning to post a write up about my interests, objectives and habits in audio, in fact I was already written a few month-weeks-days ago… I will post up when I feel to do it.

In the 2008 I have a few immediate goals:

1)    Finalize the 6-chennals version of Super Melquiades and integrate it with Macondo

2)    Finalize the “End of Life" Phonostage:

3)    Revise my preamp and rewire my playback with more preamps inputs

4)    Dima and I “invented” a very interning concept how to adopt the invented by Dima Zarathustra’s “Newton Bias” to deal with electricity problem. It is in a way a revolutionary approach and I very much look forward to try it in 2008.

5)    I really would like the APS Purepower people in 2008 talk led out of their liturgic and lazy asses and to fix my damn regenerators. I still feel that if then Purepower unit will be done properly and will not be just faulty-made then it might be a very useful mashie to fight with electricity.

It is pretty much it as I see now. Happy New year to anyone… Well, not to anyone, OK, you know what I mean…

Romy the Cat

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