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Post Subject: It is not eyes but design principlesPosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/30/2007

 electronluv wrote:
"Eyes do the hearing" is a comment geared toward you as you make alot of assumptions based on just what you see in photo.

It is not just about what I see on photo but about which design principles a given depicting presents. When I am taking about design principles I do not talk about some abstract rules but about the specifies that I personally experimented with and was able to observe success patterns. Some of then are enumerated in the Macondo's Axioms Thread:

In my view any serious audio with horn-loaded acoustic systems only start when the drivers are time-aligned. It is not “different sound” but rather about understanding the sonic results at a different level.  I really mean it.

At all depends at which LEVEL of reference points we are trying to evaluate results. To get sound at the level of “sound just exists” is not complicated – whatever you do will produce sound. However, trying to manage purposely the subliminal meaning of musicality require completely different methods. Time-alignment is one of many tools that are absolutely essential as subconsciously, in a frame of subliminal impact of musicality we les affected by amplitude but rather we register phase. Well, it is not exactly how it works but I do not want to go into details of this process. I juts will say that that phase anomalies are a very serious deterrence in cases when the definition of audio success is noble enough. Yes, you will find a lot of people out there who would argue that time-alignment does not mater. There are reasons why they feel so and why they are blind and ignorant in their judgment.

Anyhow, I do not do make my eyes do the hearing. If we were sitting in the same room and had your installation in front of us then I would point out the very specific and very well-defied problems that will derive from time misalignment. It is just necessary to know what to listen while we are listening, what result should be expected. I do not mane assumptions based on the photo – I made concussion about the assessment techniques you used that lead to the given design.

 electronluv wrote:
I was reading your comments on you s2 field coil and i think you have alot of good info about field coils and magnet and mabe wait is going on with feild coil drivers some wait.

I do not quite understand what you meant to say in the second part. I like your feeling that field-coil might be an addition tool to “shape” sound. Unfortunately no one approach the electromagnets from this perspective. I had/have a lot of thoughts about the electromagnets but I keep them private as there are no known to me serious collaborators who have interest to push electromagnets further then superficial hype. I personally do not experiment with electromagnets anymore and I do not see needs or interest at this point.

Rgs, the Cat

PS: If you do not mind then can you title you replies more distinctive?

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