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Post Subject: ReplyPosted by electronluv on: 12/29/2007

I have a few questions to ask if you do not mind:

1)     Did you experiment with surface of the horns and a negative contribution of smooth surface to Sound?

Smooth surface are fine don't waste my time on a trival matters.

2)     Since your drivers are closed then how do you vent/cool the magnetizing coils of your electromagnetic drivers?

They don't need to vent  use big magnet wire 12 to 10 gage.

3)     Do you care to share more information about your drivers, at least what diaphragms and suspension you use?

alum domes with mylar suspension.

4)     Were the driver of your own design if you use some other know driver as an inspiration?

Yes my design ,I have inspiration from ale, goto, rca ,western electric, have look inside drivers from all these companys!!

5)     How do you time-alignment of your channels, if you do?

Don't care about time aligment with horn system, have done it with ALE system with no improvement just a different sound. some speakers it makes a difference some not it is one of those things that people let there eyes do the hearing.

6)     Can you tell what cut offs, sloops and what horn rates in your channels of your 6-way system?

if my memory is right the ALE set up in cyprus big bass horn 60 or 50 hz and down those were build by kevin brooks,  6 or 12 active  crossover costumers plays with that setting.

copper big midbass horn 60 to 400hz horn cutoff 60hz , low mid small copper horn 400hz to 2k low cutoff 180hz  , uppermid 2k to 5k low cut off 1500hz and tweeter 5k and up all 6db series crossovers network at speakers all tractrix curves with modifed mouths.

7)     Did you measure if the throat reactance of your midbass channel change when you position you MF horn?

NO  .

8)     Did you detect the problems with horizontal plane offset between you two narrow-band and presumably high-slope HF drivers?

Oonce again hearing with are eyes you can find alot of sweet spots not just horizontal or vertical.

9)     Did you try to position your drivers vertically?


10)   Do bass driver use a phase plugs?

Mid bass driver needs phase plug that is the part the also makes it a compression driver, phase plugs / vents like ALE GOTO OLD WESTERN E or back chambers LIKE VITAVOX ALTEC JBL / magnets, fieldcoil or alnico one is not beter just different i like field coil they let you have another tool to beable to tweek the system, current , volts and the kind of power supply.

bass drivers under 60hz the ALE and GOTO driver do not have phase plugs just small amount of compression build in to drivers. like 6 " dome down to 4" exit.

11)   I see you use a powerful transmission tube with 500W-1000W plate dissipation. Do you find it is necessary to drive your drivers with that amount if power?

Of course not that was a fun amp that used the gm 100 it only put out 20 watt max i like all DHT systems two gain stage amps with a preamp.

12)   The Acapella ion tweeter that Srajan Ebaen was trying to plug into his “review”…. Are you over with them of Srajan brought up in your room just for sake of pictures because they are photogenic?

the Acapelle are costumers chooses to use in there systems , they mix them in how they like , Were is the cogent red horn set up PIC that set up was made be electronluv ,the Acapella were use there costumer want them.


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