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Post Subject: Bruckner Seventh’s Adagio and the OrchestrasPosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/28/2007

It is hard to stress how much “right tone” an orchestra need to play the adagio from Bruckner 7. It might be a good orchestra but it might still be “the-Adagio-incompatible” and I have seen very few of them that are compatible.

I am playing now a very serious from my point of view Brucknerist – Herbert Blomstedt. The orchestra is the oldest orchestra in the word- the Staatskapelle Dresden that was formed in 1548.  They are not the greatest tonal orchestra out there but they “might” play once in a while. Whatever Bromstedt does with this play is very fine but the “tone” – it is like nothing, particularly in Adagio. You can play Stravinsky, Mozart or even Brahms with this tone. With Bruckner however it becomes very shallow and with the Adagio it becomes very vulgar…

I need to write up a new methodology for playback assessment: 3 second of the adagio from the Seventh and nothing else required to be heard….

The Cat

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