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Post Subject: Brahms PC2sPosted by JANDL100 on: 12/23/2007
I've not heard Cliburn's recording - I will look out for it.

I think my favorite is by Gyorgy Sandor. The playing of the Baden Baden orchestra under Rolf Reinhardt is frankly 3rd rate, but Sandor is simply fantastic - there's a fluid inevitability about his playing that raises hairs on the back of my neck and brings a huge, ecstatic grin to my face!   Also in my collection, Richter / Leinsdorf / Chicago is quite jaw-droppingly stunning, surely Richter at the peak of his form (happily paired on my CD with a totally awesome Richter Beethoven Apassionata sonata).

I've had other recordings by Barenboim, Kuerti, Bishop-Kovacevich, Rubinstein but they don't really compete imo.

..... & my CD player manages to track them just fine   ;0)

Rgds, Jerry

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