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Post Subject: Reviewing turntables' performancePosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/17/2007

 mats wrote:
Fremer reviewed the Monaco :

Hm, I did not know it as I buy Stereophile very sporadically. I scanned at the Fremer’s thoughts about Monaco. I do not know…. I do not feel that Fremer mentally equipped to review anything, particularly turntables. Not to mention that his constant stressing of hierarchical nature of audio performance makes me very feel very revolting about his audio writings…

 mats wrote:
FWIW I have greatly enjoyed the abilities of my direct drive turntable to negotiate complex passages of symphonic music.  I assume it is because it is less sensitive to the drag on platter speed that grooves impart.  Many records that I thought were at fault now are well resolved.  Battery power also has helped.

Yes, it is everlasting topic: belt vs. direct drive vs. idle roll. There were tones of discussions and literature about it. I do not think that direct drive has any ability to “negotiate complex passages of symphonic music” it rather a specific implementation and a zillions of other reasons…

Reviewing turntables performances – who is a healthy mind would take upon this task and would develop stupid confidence to compel own hightly-conditioned judgment as an expression of references verdict? Well, unless it is made at the Fremer’s level:

”At various audiophile events, I played CD-Rs containing some LP tracks burned from my reference vacuum hold-down 'table, the Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn, and the same tracks as burned from the Monaco. Sometimes, pumping woofers made the source turntable obvious to me”

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