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Post Subject: The Magico “Strategic Sound” and new drivers.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/3/2007

Thanks for the link, el`Ol. The original Görlichs, when they still use aluminum layers were very interesting, thought they were soft suspended drivers that is not my cap of tea.  BTW, for whatever it worth the Magico new version does not use ADT drivers anymopre and they come up with own (or took from somewhere else) carbon micro-tubes made cones. If fact they never acknowledge the  ADT- Görlichs and claimed that the drivers they use were found in limited numbers in Tutankhamun tomb – the morons loved it!

Anyhow I never heard the new drivers, and I do not know if the new Magico drivers have has any sonic sense. Since it is still soft-rubber suspended MF drivers I might suspect that it should have little interests. The key is in a “special way” of wave propagation from inner to outer suspension across the cone. I do not see how it is possible with a rubber, using  Low Fs, 2-ways driver.

I also generally have attitude against Magico and I hate their “strategic sound”, so I suspect that whatever they do they shot to wrong target. I Magoco’s strategic sound is the media advertised and sponsored hyper resolution Boom -Tza-Tza noise and it is how they sell their loudspeaker – searching for the idiots who are presold for that Boom-Tza-Tza misery and providing them with glossy Boom -Tza-Tza solution. Why do you think that any Moron out there with Ed Meitner Possessor and Kharma loudspeaker was a very valuable candidate for Magico appearance? In a past I was paying attention to what Magico was trying to do but then I amazed that the company is not interesting. The Israeli guy (it think it was Alon the Wolf) who runs the company is a deceitful and sleazy bitch with extremely limited knowledge in audio and understanding of sound. He juts a marketing façade; he has an internal designer working for him. People who know what it doing on inside of Magico told me that this internal guy is a very interesting person and a quite potent designer. Unfortunately he is not public. I presume that what Magico as a company does is what that marketing freak “de Wolf” is capable to understand and to sell and therefore I hardly anticipate any interesting sound or interesting solution form Magico. Who knows, perhaps in future that “internal secret designer” would break away from the Wolf and it might lead to something more stimulating…

Rgs, the Cat

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