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Post Subject: Denon 103: Amendment #1 Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/14/2004

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Since the post above was posted I’ve receive a number of emails from the different people who complain about my use of word “Gray” while I described the 103 cartages.

Well, I am not completely comfortable with the word “gray” as well.  However, I did not use it as a deficiency of colors and did not mean to present it as an anti-Rimsky-Korsakov cartridge. :-)  I implied that 103 have low contributive-beneficial colors.

In context of the colors: the red via 103 is red; the density and the color contract are perfectly fine. The color is perfectly recognized by my as RED but it dose not affect me as RED. I would say that the 103 does not create red that might be associated with my perception of a full-grown apple, the color of blood, the dusk a day before storm or yeas of my Cats when she see tuna...

The 103’s Red (or the colors generally) is not red but they are “looks like red”. The same Shelter 901 for instance, might have more subdued absolute colors but the relative colors are way more powerful and way more perceptually beneficial.

There are many reasons why the 103 behave in this way (primary the dynamic harmonic deficiency) BTW, tt’s easy to detect the 103 “misery” at 2,3,4 levels.

So, my phrase “gray” should be interpreted as “no color results” instead or “low-colors”…

Romy the Cat

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