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Post Subject: Why do you peruse anything else?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/24/2007

Your Pass at it’s MM input should have adjustable capacitate. Drive it all the way down – the ER does not want to see any capacitance and for MC cartridge it is not necessary. I know what you mean but that “SU1 sound you cannot
describe” – it is like it takes Sound and reconstructs it, gluing notes and  regions in a new, absolutely unique order – it was exactly why I got hooked on ET transformers and I doubt that you found another piece of magnetic that would be able to do it.

You might look for EAR834 but I do not see why you need it.  If you get the result that you appreciate from you ET and Rotel Michi RHQ-10 then why do you peruse anything else? Did you indentify any specific sonic problems with your ET-Rotel combination that forced to look for a different phonostage?

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