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Post Subject: SU-1Posted by genesis168 on: 11/24/2007
Hi Romy, Here is my dilemma. I like the SU1
tremendously. Don't laugh....I had it hooked up to a
Rotel Michi RHQ-10 and the combo is sounds amazing
with my cartridges.

I recently was feeling itchy and bought a Pass XONO.
The Pass XONO cannot touch the sound of my SU1/Rotel.
The SU1/Rotel had that special SU1 sound I cannot
describe. It had balls, a huge walk in sounstage and
musicallity to boot.  So I hooked the SU1 to the Pass.
Sounded better than the active Pass but still not 100%
compatible. My last resort was to post it on yor
forum. I value your opinion and know you have lots of
experience with the SU1/2. Now, I have to sell the

I will have to look for an EAR834 to see how it goes.

BTW, the Rotel in the past have killed various
"Fremer" phono stages in the past....I don't know much
about this Rotel but it's certainly wirth mentioning.
Before I go crazy and get the Steelhead etc..I will
try to fing an EAR.

Thanks and best


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