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Post Subject: EAR 834P ModificationPosted by KIS on: 1/27/2005

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Dear All

I am new here, but have been reading quite a bit about the EAR834P from people here who are quite enthusiastic about this design.

Thorsten had got me off my butt to build a EAR834P from scratch when he posted his mods at the AA. I still own the real EAR834P from circa 1997, which allowed me direct comparison to the BFS (build from scratch) version 3 now. Version 4 is on its way.

The latest mod I tried is quite good, and it is as far as I know not been discussed in AA or here. What I did was to use a 100uF Silmic cap soldered in parallel with R2.

The result is less local feedback happening at V1 (driver tube) giving more sensitivity to the EAR. I like what it does in terms of sound. More dynamic, increased gain and better ambient detail. I am not a super tech head, so I do not know if I had skewed the operating point - it does not sound like it did. So anyone who is good at schematic, please comment.

It is an easy mod, so check out it out.


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