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Post Subject: Practical considerationsPosted by Paul S on: 11/18/2007
I have heard great recordings done and played back on +/- "portable" 15 ips machines, so I know it can be done.  Also, there are so many ongoing QC issues with 30 ips that it about cancels the theoretical advantages, IMO.  But if it can be done more easily and with less bulk and less fiddling around with some sort of "instant" 88/24 RAW, then why futz with tape at all?  I mean, it's not like anyone cares about the tape itself, right?

To show how little I know about 88/24 RAW recording, let me ask if/how you can record off-air with it, and then how do you "format" it and trasnsfer it?  Further, if this is easily done, why has it not happened?

If good off-air recording were possible straight to some sort 88/24 RAW "format", and copyright issues were magically suspended, then I would consider this a great gift to music lovers.  I think the copyright issues kick in if the files are transferred.

Practically speaking, we want the easiest method that will yield acceptable results, right?

I only mentioned tape in view of the ridiculous mess the "industry" has so far worked on/with digital with respect to sound quality, including both generational dubbing and playback and the archiving of  digital "masters" to date.  I haven't priced the nice reel-to-reel rigs for a while but I assume the vintage guys have tied everything up by now.  Also, master tapes of good music are not only few and very far between but $$$$$$$, so for me "recording" would pretty much be about off-air recording rather than listening to pre-recorded reels, practically speaking.  There are still lots of LPs and CDs out there for pre-recorded fare, and I am squared away with playback for both of these established formats.

I will ask my son's friend again about "pro" digital recorders, which have dropped rather dramatically in price over the last couple of years, and also the "pro" stuff has gotten much smaller and simpler, I think, FWIW, although I can't say whether it is within reach of Joe Public yet.  I think they paid about $15,000 for their IDAT, or it cost that much new, anyway.

Best regards,
Paul S

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