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Post Subject: I do have interest in tape but…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/18/2007

The issues with tape speed are complicated. I have no recordable NAB equalized headblock for my Stellavox SU8 and I can only play NAB tapes: 2 and 4 track.  My recording headblock is IEC equalized 2 track only.  As I said I never was able to get out of tape recording the identical quality to the source material, with digital I can.

A recording at 7.5ips do not do well as they are loosing quite a lot at highs. The 15ips is much better but still flipping recorder from line to real-time tape input there is a clear difference. The 30ips is the speed to use and it have to problem with highsbut it begin to loose bass, in fact bit time loose, not only in trims of quantity but also quality . I admit that my recording headblock is 15ips equalized and perhaps it should be recalibrated for 30ips. But who can play 30ips?! One act opera is 12 large reels – it need to be flipped as frequently as 78s, and for what?

I do have interest tape, with the best possible result from ¼ inch tape, BUT only as a perspective sources to have high quality material and then to transfer it to my Raw 88/24.  It is possible that Raw 88/24 would not be able to do it properly, that is why I am wondering how good Raw 88/24 would stand against high-speed reels.

The Cat

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