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Post Subject: What is available in 88/24?Posted by Paul S on: 11/17/2007
At first the high cost kept me away from HS tape; then, it was the poor selection of decent, well recorded material, which is still quite expensive.  Like others, I have heard some rumors about "master tapes", but I have actually seen few and heard still fewer.  And of the master tapes I have heard, some were poorly done to begin with and some had deteriorated.

But is the digital situation is better, really, in terms of available material?  It's not yet in my world.

The best case for digital, IMO, given sonic parity, is that theoretically any number of "identical" copies can be made from a master very quickly and at relatively low cost.  But this alone is a POWERFUL draw.

So, where do we get good digital "masters", good 1st generation dubs, or good "docking stations", and then how do we play them back in a way that preserves the miracle?  Off-air recording is not all that easy to do well, although the idea certainly remains very attractive, given no copyright issues.

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Paul S

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