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Post Subject: Live FMPosted by drdna on: 11/17/2007
The interesting thing about the Bottlehead people is that they are pretty good guys. "High and outside" is I think Paul Stubbelbine, who is an expert at mastering.  He remastered my girlfriend's last album.  I was very impressed.  His in-studio monitor system is much like yours: many horns and each with dedicated DSET, everything hand-made.

I was also surprised that you knocked the Tape Project repertoire:  I always liked David Oistrakh's performance of Scottish Fantasia.

Anyway, I think you were really not in the appropriate level of the forum.  The Bottlehead fellows are actually very much advanced in their knowledge, but they are selling to an audience just making the jump from mid-fi to DIY, reflected by the other person's comment in that forum "What do all these numbers (44, 88, 24,...) mean???" 

To the point, your musing about digital versus analog, which is better at this particular level of refinement?  I think really the point is moot.  Unless you buy into the Bottlehead project which requires you to buy their machine to play their tapes (and this is really a tiny niche market) we can only get what is available, and that is digital. 


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