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Post Subject: Good examples prove there are ways to get good resultsPosted by Paul S on: 11/17/2007
from both digital and analog tape formats, but as time goes by it may be easier to get good digital source material.

So far the best recorded sound I have heard was (years ago) via Mark Levinson's (justly celebrated, IMO) Studer/Revox rigs; however, some digital playback I heard at a friend's studio a couple of years back ran a very close second.

What I wonder is just how the good digital recordings are done - what sets them apart - , not to mention the playback chain, which included an IDAT in the case mentioned above.  There seem to be so many formats, and I am totally ignorant about inter-compatibility.

While I long avoided analog-to-digital-to-anlog LP transfers, or even DA LPs, I must admit that I do have some ADA Impulse label jazz LPs that are very good.

FM sucks in San Diego; I don't even have a tuner set up yet.

Given sonic parity, I guess I would apply cost/benefit criteria.

I am glad someone is keeping alive the dream of easily sharing good-sounding recorded material.


Best regards,
Paul S

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