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Post Subject: AcronymPosted by guy sergeant on: 11/13/2007
TTH's ?

By the way I've heard several 834's not just one.  You are right though, I don't particularly care for what I feel is its rather obvious character.

No ET magnetics either, hard to find/hear over here.  I think a just handful were sold in the UK. A friend had an ET1 but acquired an AudioNote ANS-7 instead. I don't know of anyone else who has the ET2 though so perhaps that is markedly better. Only you'll know the answer to that. As there aren't any more of them its somewhat irrelevant to the rest of us. 

I'm all for the idea of something being the last or the end of the line particularly with regard to phono stages.

I hope to get somewhere closer to that happy state with my next (LCR based) effort.

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