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Post Subject: NAT Audio Magna -160 Watts of Single-Ended Class APosted by Romy the Cat on: 11/12/2007

I have to admit that I personally care less about powerful full-range SET amplifiers. I do not take their sound seriously, in fact I do not believe they are cable to do “right full-range sound” and what I see then I always imagine them with huge, barrel-size out transformer driving LF only.

It looks like HAT announced this new Magna – 160 Watts of Single-Ended Class A mono-block amplifiers.  The 160W is already a serious power. I never heard the amps but juts reading the specifications and speculating on its features I have more doubtful, common sense, questions then answers.

Frequency Response : 10 Hz to 100 kHz; -3dB  
Power Output : 160 Watts @ 4 & 8 ohms; 1 kHz  
Input Sensitivity : 2.7 V RMS for full power output  
Gain : 22.50 dB at 8 ohm  
Rise Time : 5 microseconds  
Noise : 105 dB below rated output  
Tube Complement : 1x 6N1P-EV, 1 x 6N30P-DR , 1 x Eimac 450TH  
Dimensions : 11.8"x 25.2"x 14.2"  
DC coupled all tube circuit (only output transformer without capacitors)
Low global feedback configuration with damping factor of 20
High capacity in power supply resulting to over 500joules of energy storage
Full double stabilization of high voltage for driver tubes
6N1P-EV & 6N30P-DR long life military grade tubes for driver purposes
Full automatic bias with automatic-adjust (no any adjustment).
Variable bias (two mode with 40W & 160W of output power)
Balanced DC power to supply filament of output tube
Balanced regulated DC power to supply filament for driver tubes
Both input and output WBT connectors
Input wired with pure 6N silver (99,9999% of silver purity)
All aluminum modulated chassis


The Eimac 450TH is a very interesting tube with low filament voltage and 450W of plate dissipation. I question the sincerity of the drivers those people used. The 6N1P is horribly sound tube. That entire army of the 6N1..1,2,3 tube were so disgusting sounding that only based upon the fact that Audio Magna used this tube I feel that this amps should not be used for anything more than sound re-enforcement in a public restrooms.

Then it has 6N30P. The 6N30P is mid gain mid current driver. I am not a big fan of an amplifier running in A2, but 450TH operated ONLY in deep A2. Let live aside the objective or imaginary problem of A2 operation but… if the out stage is in A2 then the driver stage should be able to supply the necessary current to maintain this operation.  I really would like to see the top and bottom of the sinusoid at that 6N30P driver while the amp I caring 2.7 V RMS of full power output. The 6N30P should be melting in there… unless it used as a cathode follower….

The response. The claim 10 Hz to 100 kHz; -3dB  … or something that I call “Fuck You Response”.  Sure, this amp might be able to care 10 Hz to 100 kHz at 2W of output power … but who cares? When manufactures inform about frequency response then they must indicate it at FULL pout power, or in that case it would be 160W. No one care that .00000012W this amp can even to drive a video signal!!! I peroalsy do not think that 160W Audio Magna will be able to go lover then ~70Hz… but it is me.. The truth should be known to the manufacturer.

Anyhow, another silver-wired, direct coupled, powerful SET… Most likely it is a bogus amp, so far it is with defiantly bogus description….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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