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Post Subject: My conviction about engineering.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/25/2005

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Richard, here are a few comments of disagreement that might sound absurdish but I find them very.... indispensable.

The rules are always there and consequentially the data of the rules is always there. We might not have awareness - which particle of data is important in one or another situation, but the interesting part is that we don’t relay need this awareness. What is important - is to have a mechanism according to which this awareness could be easily obtained anytime and under any condition. What I mean that the entire framework of engineering knowledge should be plugged into a feedback of very tangible and very material personal sensations and experiences. It is like a flying a lightweight airplane when each single vibration of the plane get propagated to your hands via the control mechanisms and eventually the mechanics of the plane become the indispensable feeling of your body. Furthermore, the “further progress” in my world has a slightly different definition then you mentioned. You feel that a further progress is an expansion of understanding the rules of the game, however I believe that a further progress is a deepening and increasing of our sensitivity to sense the sensible. With a high level of objective sensible sensitively we reach a state when we do not need to have knowledge in order to know.


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