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Post Subject: Tube thiefPosted by hagtech on: 11/7/2007
This is very bogus notion

Well I am glad to see you feel that way.  You never know - some people cry foul when such happens.  "Hey, that was my idea!  And now this guy stole it and put into his own product."  It happens.  As a manufacturer I usually try to stay clear of situations that could result in a negative business impact.  I don't need people on the net thrashing me like they do Welborne.  Similarly, I rarely comment on politics publicly, as it can alienate a large segment of the buying population.  (Buck Fush!)

There is also the case of where I come up with something innovative, and would prefer it not to be copied by others, eating into my potential profits.  One example is the UFO.  It helps if I am not a hypocrite. 

I do not believe in driver/input stages neither around 12aX7...

I understand.  It is best practice to design for +10dBu line level for full power.  That way, you can take the output of a redbook CD player directly into a stage without clipping.  However, usually we have volume controls or some sort of preamplifier in the path, and so deviating a little from this specification isn't so bad.  I ended up have a full power sensitivity (just prior to the onset of clipping) of 0.5Vrms.  I suppose one could argue that I have 12dB too much gain.  Can change loading on my interstage tranny to drop 6dB.  Or change tubes.  As it is now, I have way more headroom in the driver stage that I need.


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