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Post Subject: Objective assessmentPosted by Antonio J. on: 1/24/2005
Hi Romy,

Sorry for having placed you quote out of context and giving the wrong impression that I didn't care for what came afterwards. I did, but I didn't want to make a long quotation.

This issue, as I understand it, comprises several topics in which we mostly agree, the difference is that you've run a much longer way than myself, and also have had more ease to meet people whose knowledge has helped you to "understand" what's happening, and which is de correlation in between "audio" as a bunch of accoustic properties of sound, and "music" as the re-creation of a "moving" or intellectually, emmotionally or psychycally compelling experience. So I guess that you can get towards your personal "musical" goals, by manipulating the system in the basis of a purely "audio" level. That's what I find extremely useful, interesting and desirable.

I think that the very own "musical goals" are personal and of our own character, preferences and previous exposure. It's something like enjoying poetry, sculpture or cinema. Any art form is prone to have as much different interpretations as observers are. Not everyone can judge, feel, enjoy and connect to art and specifically to music. So it's the self awareness and how we "live" the music what drives the goals one should have to "voice" his system.

Then let's suppose that I can recognize my goals, and I know exactly what music, composer, director or performer moves me and can connect with my inner "musical appreciation unit", and I more or less know why and how "musically" they do it. But I feel those sensations differently depending on the system or certain components being or not being in it. How could I learn to identify how, why and where those "audio performance characteristics" affect my appreciation of music? This is what I'd like to learn, because knowing it, I would be closer to tune my system in a way that what I consider "interesting music" would always be. It's the correlation between audio and musical perception what interests me.



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