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Post Subject: Yes and No, more "no" then "yes".Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/14/2007

 jessie.dazzle wrote:
Romy wrote: "...With most of the bass drivers it is very difficult to roll them off properly with a coil between amps and the drivers as the bass drivers have own inductance that make the slope “immune” to increase of inductance in the filter’s coil..."

In this case, would there be an advantage in using a driver that has lower (much lower) nominal impedance?

Yes, from prospective of filter theories is it might be correct but it to look from the perspectives of practicality then I so not see it as a solution. In case of SET a lower impedance of load require a corresponding higher transformer ratio and this ratio would be most likely not suitable for the other none-bass driver as it will eat harmonics to much. So, we slightly cure bass’s inductance problems but we loose in correct loading for other drivers…
Here is where the ultimate tool of any single-ended amplifier kicks-in: DSET. In case of a dedicated SET all problems just got evaporated as the bass-channels are completely independent and as a result they can care any loading they wish. Not to mention that DSET most likely implies a line-level crossover that removes the evil inductance between amp and driver and, that is not a minor, remove DCR of the filtering coil out of the amp loading.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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