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Post Subject: The son of a shoemaker with his shoes...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/5/2007

 JANDL100 wrote:
Romy - A couple of years ago I was in contact with a guy in Slovenia who bought some CDs from me on eBay.  We kept in contact for a while and discussed Anton Nanut.  I had to send him copies of many of my Nanut CDs because they were NOT obtainable in Slovenia!!   .... I could always send you a copy of the Bruckner 8 if you let me know your address.
Well, I thought that it might be opposite in case of the Slovenia folks and Nanut but it looks I was wrong. I remember when I was in Czech republic I have seen a bunch of their domestic labels CD that I did not see a lot outside of Czech capital.

Anyhow I would greatly appreciate if you can share with me the Nanut’s Brukner 8. I would like do not have in on CD but in a shape of row WAV file extracted by EAC. It will not be killed by WAV-PCM conversion and by the following CD formatting.  Can you put it in some kind of web servers that I might download it from there? Surely, if it continent to you then you might mail it to me on CD but in this case do not burn the AUDIO CD, instead juts burn a DATA CD and copy the  extracted WAV file to the disk. If it is more suitable for you to mail it then let me know and I will send you my address.

As the talking of appreciation I would like to offer you in exchange something “interesting” from my selves, not available commonly. Tell me a composer/s or a period that your are interested in and I will pick something for you.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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